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Reinsurance Associates

is a servicing agency creating reports and statements for the reinsurance industry, personalizing them for each client.

Let us create your reports and statements from our confidential third-party sources. It will look like you spent hours preparing them because we add YOUR LOGO and your personal information for you, so you have more time building lasting relationships with your dealers.

Schedule of Services

Company Formation:

  • Preparation and filing of all forms applicable to domicile government for formation of Reinsurance Company.
  • First year insurance license fee.
  • Provide complete Corporate Record book to include:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Articles and Bylaws
    • Initial shareholder and director minutes
    • Corporate Seal
  • Preparation and filing of IRS form SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number.
  • Preparation and filing with NAIC for Alien Identification Number, if required.
  • Preparation of the IRC Section 953(d) election.

Annual Maintenance:

The fee remains the same regardless of the number of insurers or lines of business. Includes:

  • Preparation of all forms and payment of all fees applicable to domicile government for renewal of Corporate Charter.
  • Preparation of annual financial statement to be filed with income tax return
  • Coordinate with preparation of Federal Income Tax return with a “Big 4” National Accounting Firm.

Quarterly Cession Reporting:

  • Preparation of quarterly report that includes:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Summary Income Statement
    • Detail Income Statement by Product Line
    • Corporate Minutes
    • Loss Analysis Reports